Authenticity... Generosity... Community...

Authenticity: We believe that as Christ followers, being genuine with one another and the world is one of the best ways that we can truly experience freedom in Christ. Plastic smiles, dress codes, and polite fakery should be far from us. Church should be the one place in a community where people can be real. In humility, we put ourselves in a great place to receive the joy and peace that can only come from Christ.

(Col 3:12-17; Rom 12:9-21; 1 John 1:8-9)

Generosity: We believe that as Christ followers, we are called to selflessly share with others all that God has given us. Our time, our abilities and passions, our resources, and the love within our hearts were all given to us by the Lord to be shared with the world around us.

(Matt 25:35-40; Acts 20:35; 1 Tim 6:18-19)

Community: We believe that as brothers and sisters in Christ, one of the greatest gifts that we experience from God is the family of believers that he has assembled together, as was first seen in the early church. Much more than just one hour a week, we are blessed to experience life's joys together, as well as share each other's burdens. Great strength can be found in "doing life together."

(Matt 18:20; Acts 2:44-47; Gal 6:2; 1 Pet 3:8)